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Pregnancy Back Support offers the
advantage of advanced designing and
technically correct materials to provide
the pregnant mother, effective support
and immobilization on one hand and
excellent aesthetics and comfort on the
other. Pregnancy back support
maintains the lumbo sacral region in the
neutral position to allay “Pregnancy low
back pain syndrome”.

Extra porous
Aesthetically pleasing
Effective back support
Double pull mechanism
No pressure to the foetus
Split elastic panel gives a good grip to
the back splints, ensure no harsh
pressure to the baby. Lifts the baby to
reduce load to the mother.
Anatomical pre shaped splints ensure
comfortable support to the spine,
provide perfect fitting and allays back
pain associated with pregnancy.
Provides effective immobilization of the
back and relieves muscular stress due
to wrong posture.
Monofilament stripped elastic is light in
weight, durable, has better compression
and is highly porous.
Double pull elastic mechanism enhance
compression and provide effective
splinting action.
Soft and dermophilic materials used
ensure, no rash or allergy. Comfort
improves compliance.
Lateral closing design is easy to wear
and ensures that there is no direct
pressure on the baby